JMPX 2.1

Encodes and transmits FM stereo using RDS
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Encode a stereo signal to modulate an FM transmitter broadcasting a stereo signal. Transmit signal details such as station name, song title, alternative frequencies, etc. Fast sound cards are required to properly modulate the broadcast. Radio Data System support included.

JMPX is an FM Stereo Encoder with RDS support. It can be used with an FM transmitter to produce a stereo radio station which can be received with any standard FM stereo radio. The FM transmitter gets connected to the computer soundcard and JMPX takes care of the rest. A soundcard that supports a sample rate of least 96000Hz is needed for stereo operation and 192000Hz for RDS operation. RDS operation allows transmission of information to the listener such as currently playing song title, station name, program type, alternative frequencies, etc. JMPX is an open source cross platform application that can be run Windows, Linux, Mac and so on; it can even run on Raspberry Pi 2 embeded computers.

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